- private sneak peaks -


unreleased unmixed original songs

in a block of stone

a supple naked form

a pulse and memory

wind and water worn

a spark before the fire

a breath to get it higher

a fire for the soul

before the work is born

look at my reckless side, as seen in how i drive

you saw your man dive into concrete and metal

can i feel your trigger can i slow it down can i sing your wisdom song?

look at your chaos side, blind and sippin' wine

i saw my grandma lost in a doped up vision

can you feel my trigger can you slow it down can you sing my wisdom song?

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i feel an ember between you and me now

i was unable to really hear you

cause fog is a near constant in my climate

air lift light design, will our hearts be better this time

your words, orphic objects, foreign and sublime

slowly sounding crowding out the whisper

that we left our hearts behind

air lift light design will our hearts be better this time

i was blindsided by the lie that i was somewhere else

somewhere in my room there is a wolf, or maybe a coyote

i tell him i am here for both of you

howling at the flashlight moon air lift light design, will our hearts be better this time