berlin demos

unreleased / unmixed - *private link*

text written by sara montijo and adapted / edited by rhys tivey

music written / recorded by rhys tivey

I mean run

I mean fast

domestic scene slide

sometimes, whimsically

wobbly with swift arousing-anything

swayback through the distance

sand castle by the sea

breakfast of bread and tea

A swallow from a sheet

Curious fate of our creations

Starting with the imposing blue body its bouquet outlined soft zulma

I offer up my rituals as

Starkness leans on brilliance 

Unthinking everydayness

I am no longer private no longer in Milan 

Turned the lessons of these splendid breasts ease the dissident, fragmented nude 

(rising sun from one thousand nights born quiet)

universe I offer you designed in one hard laugh 

Everything goes and nothing matters nothing goes and everything matters

Floating together in our inconceivable embrace

counterintuitive drive

compatibility with a fly 

you’re an aerospace engineer

coddled troublesome identity

every tiny slight pull back

you’re an aerospace engineer

Polish polish polish !

Be whatever is ambiguous 



Unfinished and interwoven 

Called to study the data

What a moon looks like unshriveled

I do not associate him with smoke (unreasonably)

A man under the breath, misty 

Withdrew into lone-night 

back at the source 

&maybe he is too

Feeling will !

Having gotten up early

Gone for a drive

Into the ripeness 

To think more deeply about these algorithms

I would like to begin : (my lecture on the science and possibility and humility of man)

This is what we know about limbo & heat.

I throw up my hands 

hands hurl sky across an empty room 

empty open sky sonnet ...

homage to a lost lover 

thrown down his head 

head over to the potomac river 

(flee) silky black water clouds 

in the sky resist rebel crown rock 

where sitting air plain plein-air sitting against my hands 

(empty nothing no-thing sip sip sip like rain sky drip drip) 

found you bring me to the edge 

cavern canyon steep 

steep whole sky 

hole in the sky sun threw 

through me whole 

sky no longer questions the way spin spins 

sacred things 

most unruly affair

chopping wood

in thunder

like being there

joy the cleanly guest

of necessity

to our other feelings.


home return   begin

stock the cupboards with kellogs flakes for casseroles and mom’s baked chicken.


recipes we often live by

being satisfied with suffering 

and self-negation, and with the numbness

alter-native alternatives

century long wave ride bigger feast am i

Somebody’s raincoat stuffed in a broken window

Got me curious

Stops with a crash like daybreak

Going to meet the man

Show me where’s the honest place to stand

I witnessed him build churches, homes, and bars and fill them with supple self aware tragedy

characters wandered into themselves by mistake, internal landscapes

violent peaks and worn down edges; 

people and places and questions unasked undead on arrival 

gracelessly charming and wholly unwise

to become hardened by your pain

or softened by the rain

born in the valley of light, television

set my eyelids heavy late night, supernatural

legacy of red nosed motels rolling up for push up poker

fake moon candor against conifer wood broken


marriage diagnosed her with the existentialist trend

dark girl in a white dress unable to bend

Suddenness happens slowly every time

Sitting next to a used up Newport green and white

Feel in-alignment and longing, unfine

mapping objective distances

time, space, flame

hypotheticality onto generalized psychological chasms

my lover knew about my smoke button

helped me find it then we all disappeared

hands against a timely mundane

now a speedy cumulus 

great area of water unbroken 

She gives a moan and sob

and a small triumphant laugh

apprehensive but not guilty

Torrential rain 

hum under us 

everything at once

lightning begs 

awe from us 

our togetherness

there is another language 

keys that spin in shade

Time realizes not everything will end so badly.

75 degrees in Georgia.

What I went looking for stammers placeness placeless back to me.

Rosemary honey & brie! 

Sorghum butter.

Sweet Holly jumps off the golden gates golder.